2021 Earth Day Plumbing Tips

People have celebrated Earth Day every year on April 22 since its inception in 1970. The original goal of Earth Day was to educate people about the connection between human activity and pollution, but Earth Day's message has since expanded to include all environmental concerns, including water waste. Consider Earth Day 2021 the perfect opportunity to incorporate eco-friendly plumbing fixtures in your customers' homes.

Install a Thermostatic Shower Valve
A thermostatic shower valve controls water temperature and water pressure separately, which allows your customers to reduce the amount of water wasted while trying to find a comfortable temperature. This eco-friendly fixture also allows them to easily turn on the water just for rinsing, a habit that conserves even more water.

Use a Smart Sprinkler Controller
A smart sprinkler controller analyzes the weather forecast and waters the lawn only when there's no chance of rain. Homeowners can also program the sprinkler to water according to the types of plants in the area and the time of year. Smartphones control every feature of this type of sprinkler.

Switch to Water-Efficient Toilets
Nearly one-fourth of the water in homes is flushed down the toilet. This is especially true if your customers use pre-1994 toilets; since that's the year the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency required new toilets to use less water. Back then, toilets used about 3.5 gallons of water per flush. In contrast, modern low-flow toilets use about 1 gallon per flush.

Install Water-Saving Faucets
Water-saving faucets mix water with air to offer the same pressure and performance expected from sink and shower faucets, but with less water. New smart faucets can also help your customers conserve water by adjusting the amount of water pressure required for a given situation. These water-saving faucets can also dispense precise amounts, reducing the amount of water wasted simply by letting the faucet run longer than necessary.

Install a Greywater System
Greywater contains dirt and soapy residue, but not feces or harsh chemicals. It comes from dishwasher, washing machines, showers, and some sinks, but never from the toilet. Greywater can be recycled and used to water lawns or flower gardens via a system of irrigation pipes. Your customers can also use greywater in toilet tanks so that potable water doesn't go to waste when the toilet flushes.

Use Eco-Friendly Washing Machine and Dishwasher Settings
If your customers are in the market for a new dishwasher or washing machine, suggest energy- and water-efficient models. However, they don't need brand-new appliances to follow some of the best eco-friendly plumbing tips, such as wearing clothes more than once before washing them, only running a cold wash cycle, and avoiding the pre-rinse cycle on both washing machines and dishwashers. In addition, they can use the "express wash" cycle on these appliances to save both water and energy.

Proudly Essential Pros Protect the Earth Every Day
Plumbers play a vital role in educating homeowners about the benefits of conserving water with eco-friendly plumbing systems. MORSCO supports these Proudly Essential Pros every day, but especially on Earth Day 2021.